N – Nothing is Impossible

Nothing will be impossible with God! Luke 1:37
因 为 , 出 於 神 的 话 , 没 有 一 句 不 带 能 力 的  ~ 路 加 福 音 1:37

Do people ever want you to do things you think are impossible? Sometimes God tells people to do things they think are impossible too.

An angel once visited a young woman named Mary and told her she was going to have a baby. Mary wondered how that could be, since she didn’t have a husband. But the angel told her, “Nothing will be impossible with God.” So Mary said she would do what God wanted, and sure enough, nine months later, Mary gave birth to baby Jesus.

Many years later, Jesus was killed, wrapped up in cloths, and buried in a tomb (a cave) made of solid rock with a giant stone over the door. His friends thought they would never see him again, but nothing is impossible for God.

Two days later, Jesus got up and walked right out of the cloths and out of the tomb. He was alive again! That’s impossible, but God did it. Let’s celebrate our awesome God, who does amazing and wonderful things!

And if he could do those impossible things, can we doubt that he can also help us when we need him?

Dear Heavenly Father, you are amazing! You can do anything at all! I can’t do a lot of things, and some of the things I need to do are hard for me. I believe you can help me. Please help me know which things you want me to do, and help me do them. Thank you. Amen.