Youth Group

Glasses on Bible

The world has one way of doing things and God has another way! We study God’s way of doing things. His way is not the same as the world’s way and our youth need to know how to live successfully God’s way. We have covered and/or will cover such topics as:

  • ​God’s love for each of us
  • the gift of freedom to choose (even to choose to reject God)
  • prayer (does God answer? How, when and why?)
  • faith and fear
  • forgiveness (what is it, what is it not, why should we do it, and how?)
  • tithing (how is this a key to our being blessed?)
  • how we are made (our unique gifts, talents and ways)

Sometimes we play a game. Sometimes we enjoy snacks or baking. Sometimes we weave prayers or pray with coloured candies. But whatever we do, we always study God’s word.

The Youth Group meets during the service on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.