Church Directory Updates

Each year we print a phone and address book for the people who attend our church to help us keep in touch with one another. We do not make the information public and do not distribute it online.

Provincial privacy legislation says that we must have your permission before we can put your information into our directory.

If you are new to our church and would like to be in the directory OR if your information has changed in the past year, please fill out the applicable fields in the form below. If ALL of the contact information is the same for the adults in your household, you can fill in the form once for all of you. Otherwise, please have each adult in your household fill it in separately. Thank you!

You can also give us your contact information and ask us to keep it private. In this case, it will not be included in the directory we distribute to our congregation.

Finally, if you would like to receive our weekly emails with news about what is going on in the church, please tick the box at the bottom of the form and we will add you to our email list. Or tick the last box to be removed from the list.