March 1, 2020 – Pastor Ryan Emmons
Series: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (based on the book/study by Peter Scazzero)

Genesis 37-50 ; Matthew 10:37-39

創 世 記 37-50 ; 馬 太 福 音 10:37-39

The Joseph Model:

1. Joseph had a profound sense of the bigness of God

2. Joseph admitted honestly the sadness and losses
of his family

3. Joseph rewrote his life script according to Scripture

4. Joseph partnered with God to be a blessing




February 23, 2020 – Pastor Ryan Emmons
Based on the book/study by Peter Scazzero

Jeremiah 31:3-4 ; Luke 4:1-13

耶 利 米 書 31:3-4 ; 路 加 福 音 4:1-13

Road to a False Self:

  1. I am what I do
  2. I am what I have
  3. I am what others think

Road to an Authentic Self:

  1. Pay attention in silence and solitude
  2. Find trusted companions
  3. Move out of your comfort zone
  4. Pray for courage




February 16, 2020 – Pastor Ryan Emmons
Based on the book/study by Peter Scazzero

Hebrews 5:11-6:1 ; Revelation 3:1-3

希 伯 來 書 5:11-6:1 ; 啟 示 錄 3:1-3

Symptoms of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality:

1. Using God to run from God
2. Ignoring anger, sadness, and fear
3. Dying to the wrong things
4. Denying the impact of the past on the present
5. Dividing life into “secular” and “sacred” components
6. Doing for God instead of being with God
7. Spiritualizing away conflict
8. Covering over brokenness, weakness, and failure
9. Living without limits
10. Judging other people’s spiritual journey