Permission for Children’s Christmas Video

Our church children are preparing a Christmas video to show to the congregation during the Sunday morning service on December 19, 2021, and we need your permission to include videos of your child(ren).

We would also like to make the video available to the people in our congregation who are worshiping from home, and for our families to watch at home and share with their relatives. There are different ways to share the video with different levels of privacy. Here are the three privacy options we are considering.

  1. Password protected video. People can only watch it if they have the link and the password. This is the most restricted option, although people will still be able to share the link and password with relatives and friends. If someone posts the link to social media people will not be able to view it unless they also have the password.
  2. Private video but no password. People can only watch it if they have the link. They will be able to share the link with others and post it on social media.
  3. Public video. It can be freely shared and posted and potentially found through search engines like Google.

The default is #1: password protected. If ALL PARENTS agree to options 2 or 3, we can use that one. If you do not want any videos taken of your child, please choose option #4. Thank you!

Thank you!