hands on globe

We promote and support local and global ministries.  Our goal is to educate, inform and encourage people to become actively involved in promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and addressing social justice and poverty issues.  Globally, we support Canadian Baptist Ministries in its work overseas among the poor, initiating HIV/AIDS programs, helping orphans, and assisting our partner churches in education of community development.

We also support local ministries and groups that help the needy in our community.

In February/March of 2022, Pastor Ryan preached a sermon series called “Encountering Mission”. Key points are:

  • God does not have a mission for his church. He has a church for his mission. (from Christopher Wright)
  • God’s purpose is the redemption of the world.
  • The goal of Missions is that all the world might worship. (The Westminster Catechism says that the purpose of man is to Worship God and enjoy Him forever.)
  • Caring for God’s creation is the first job God gave to people (in Genesis). Caring for his creation is still an important aspect of missions for us today.
  • We aren’t all called to be front-line workers for God’s kingdom. But we can all contribute to support those who are doing God’s kingdom work, whether it is inside or outside the church.

Our Links and Resources page shows some of the organizations that our church has supported or been involved with. We encourage our members to prayerfully consider supporting them outside of our church as well.