W – We Love Because…

We love because he first loved us.   ~  1 John 4:19

我 们 爱 , 因 为 神 先 爱 我 们 。~ 約 翰 一 書 4:19

Imagine that someone asked you to give them a dollar. Would you be more likely to give them one if you had twenty dollars or if you only had one? Twenty, right?

Or imagine that you had one cookie. Would you be more likely to give it away if you had just eaten lunch and three cookies or if it was still two hours to supper and this was your only snack? It would be easier to give it away if you were already full, right?

Our verse today says “We love because he (Jesus) first loved us.” It comes from a book in the Bible written by John, who was called “the disciple that Jesus loved.” Jesus loved all the disciples, of course, but John was maybe his closest friend. In this verse, John tells us that he and the other disciples were so full of love from Jesus that they had lots left over to share with other people.

In the picture, the dad looks like he loves his daughter soooo much. The little girl looks soooo happy to be close to him. If someone she knew needed some love, I bet she would have plenty to share. Jesus loves us as much as the dad in the picture loves his daughter, and even more. Let’s spend some time with Jesus today, reading about him in the Bible, and praying, so we will be filled up with so much love that we have lots left over to share with the people around us.

Our Father, thank you for how much you love us, and for how much Jesus loves us. Help us know you better so we can be filled up with your love and share it all around. Amen.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash