E – Every Word of God

Every word of God proves true. ~ Proverbs 30:5

神 的 言 语 句 句 都 是 炼 净 的 ~ 箴 言 30

small boy using a tablet

Where do you look when you want to find out something? If I want to find out why the sky looks blue, I can Google the question on a tablet like one the boy in the picture is using. If I want to find out how to make tomato soup, I look in a recipe book — or on my computer. If I want to find out someone’s phone number, I look in the phone book — or on my phone.

We can find the answer to almost anything we want to know by looking it up. The problem is that not everything we read is true.

How can we know what is true and what isn’t? Often we have to look at different answers to our question and see if they are the same. We can also ask if the person who wrote what we are reading is someone who probably knows about it. Or we can ask someone we trust to help us decide.

When we want to know about God, we look in the Bible. Our verse today tells us that God’s word is always true. It is not just true; it is proven to be true. That means that when people believed what God said and acted on it, he showed them it was true. That’s not surprising, right? God knows everything, and he only ever tells the truth.

God’s word is true. But the Bible can be complicated, and we have to study it carefully to understand what God is telling us. Lucky for us, he gives us people to help us. Jesus promised us that the Holy Spirit would also help us understand. And that is true, because Jesus is God, and he gave us his word.

Our Father, thank you for speaking to us through the Bible, and that all of your words are proven true. Please help us understand what you are saying to us, and help us trust you to show us that it is true. Amen.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash