S – Sing Praise to the Lord

Sing praise to the Lord, O you his Saints!   ~ Psalm 30:4

你 们 应 当 畏 惧 , 不 可 犯 罪 ; 在 床 上 的 时 候 , 要 心 里 思 想 , 并 要 肃 静 。 ~ 詩 篇 30:4

This verse comes from a Psalm (worship song) written by King David. He loved to sing praises to God, the Lord. We know what it means to sing. The girl in the picture is singing for all she’s worth! But what does “O you his Saints” mean?

In this psalm, David is giving instructions to the people he calls “his Saints”, or the Lord’s Saints, telling them that they should sing praises to God. So who are these saints? Other translations of the Bible say, “you his godly ones”, or “you his faithful followers”. So God’s “saints” are the people who are faithful in doing what God wants them to do.

One of the things God wants us to do is to sing praises to him. Can you do that today, as a faithful follower of Jesus?

Our Father, we want to be your faithful followers, your saints. We praise you with all our hearts.  Amen!

Photo by Felix Koutchinski on Unsplash