P – Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, O my soul!  ~ Psalm 146:1

你 们 要 赞 美 耶 和 华 ! 我 的 心 哪 , 你 要 赞 美 耶 和 华 ! ~ 詩 篇 146:1

This verse is the beginning of a song that King David wrote. In his song, he lists a whole lot of reasons he knows he can trust God. Some of these are:

  • God made everything in heaven and in Earth
  • He keeps his promises
  • He gives food to the hungry
  • He loves people who do what is right
  • He looks after those who need help

One of the songs we sing in church says there are ten thousand reasons to praise God! How many can you think of?

When David thought of how wonderful God is, it made him want to sing and make music.  He wanted to praise God every day for his whole life. How can you praise God today?

Our Father, you are wonderful in so many ways, and we want to tell you so! Praise the Lord! Amen.