H – Humble Yourselves

Humble Yourselves Before the Lord  ~ James 4:10 (NIV)

务 要 在 主 面 前 自 卑 , 主 就 必 叫 你 们 升 高 。 ~ 雅 各 書 4:10 (CUVS)

obedient puppy, illustrating the text "Humble Yourselves Before the Lord" - James 4:10

Today’s verse comes from a letter that Jesus’s brother James wrote to people in churches. He reminded them that if they are fighting with each other, it is because they are trying to get what they want and not what Jesus wants for them. He said that instead of fighting, they should “humble themselves before God.” What does that mean?

In the picture, a puppy is sitting very nicely on the sand, looking up at something that is probably its owner. Puppies love to run and play, and this one would probably rather do that than sit still. But instead, it is doing what its owner told it to do. It has “humbled itself” before (in front of) its owner.

What do you think the owner will give the puppy for being so obedient? I think he will give it a doggie treat and then play with it on the beach.

Our verse has a second part. Here it is in the New Living Translation: “Humble yourselves before God and He will lift you up in honour.” Wow. That means if we do the loving things God wants us to do instead of the selfish things we sometimes want to do, he will reward us, just like the puppy’s owner rewards the puppy. God won’t give us dog treats or play with us on the beach, but he might give us happy hearts and more peace in our families. Whatever he gives us, it will be good.

Our Father, sometimes we fight with people to get the things we want. We’re sorry. Help us humble ourselves before you by being kind to our families and friends and not just thinking about what we want. Help us to notice the good things you give us when we do. Amen.

Photo by Ryan Walton on Unsplash