Input for Deacons

During the past 18 months, all of us had unique and varied experiences in our Christian life as we have dealt with the COVID pandemic. We recognize that the pandemic is not over yet, but the Deacons Board feels that it is now time to initiate plans for Worship, Outreach, GLCs and Children’s Ministries. Our plans need to consider the existing conditions and also adaptations that may be needed with the changing effects of COVID.

To help the deacons in their planning, we would appreciate your input by responding to the following questions. Some of these questions ask you to share deeply personal experiences, so please respond at the level at which you feel comfortable.

This form requires you to include your name and email address. The deacons would appreciate these so they can follow up further if required. You can also reply by email to the church office. If you would like to respond anonymously, you can send or deliver a letter to the church office or place it in the offering box or secretary’s mailbox at church.

Please prayerfully consider your response as we work together to fulfill our calling as Argyle Road Baptist Church.

Please reply by September 27, 2021. Thank you!