Sunday Afternoon Culture Discussion Series

This series is for Mandarin speakers who wish to have more in-depth learning than they receive in the Saturday English classes. It takes place each Sunday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:30 downstairs in the church building. You are also welcome if you are an interested English speaker.

Culture Discussion Series 1Professor Ron Richmond presents  on a different historical or cultural topic each week. As well, people from the community come to talk about practical aspects of living in Regina and Canada. For example, they have already talked about ways we celebrate Easter (both religious and secular), the Luck-of-the-Irish traditions, and some cooking topics.  There are plans to discuss ways to access better medical care in Regina if you have weak English.

Professor Richmond has already spoken about:

  • “Civil Society” organizations in Canada. These are non-profit, non-governmental organizations, including local churches, which are developed and financed “bottom up” by citizen initiatives. This contrasts with China, where most social organization is managed and financed “top down” by the government. The role of volunteers and fundraising to make such organizations successful can be explained in terms of Christian teachings on generosity, works of charity, and tithing.
  • The history of Western Empires. This topic sets the scene for a focus on many Western cultural themes.
  • The period following the collapse of the western Roman Empire, the history of Saint Patrick as a Christian missionary, and the subsequent history of the Irish monks who preserved Christian scriptures through the darkest ages of mostly pagan Europe.

Snacks are provided by volunteers. If you would like to find out more or get involved, contact the church.

Sorry, childcare is not provided for this series.

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