English Class Articles

Thank you for volunteering to teach Conversational English Classes at ARBC!

These articles below have been formatted and are available to use by teachers. If you wish to use one, the church office can print copies for you. Please have your request in by Friday morning to make sure it can be printed in time for class on Saturday. The printouts will be available for you on the table in the printing room (kitchen) in the church office building.

Please let the office know if you are using an article even if you will be doing the printing yourself. That way, we can avoid using the same lesson twice.

You can email the office at arbc@arbc.sk.ca or call 306-586-9255.

Available Articles



These archived articles may be used again two or more years after their most recent use. Please let the office know if you use them so we can keep the Archive up to date. Thanks!